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It’s not important for you to know my name, ive already forgotten yours.


Sometimes, you can grip your £5 cup of coffee tightly as you meander past a sodden mound of being outside Marks & Sparks. A sat on the floor ignore what you’re seeing sort of you. Is that what you do?

Sometimes, you can refuse that lost soul sat next to the ATM any change as you’ve just withdrawn your daily limit and all your change is at home cos it would ruin the cut of your jib. Glib. Give em a quid. A lady a Cockle.

Sometimes someone asking for 20 pence to get home might actually need to get home. Think about it? Would you go town on your own? Would you leave on your own? Would go to a doorway and want to die?

The cheapest trampagne is a quid a can. White ace gets you a litre and a kip for 10 bob more. 3 litres get you right off your kite. May be wrong in your eyes, but who makes you right?

The lack of real spice in your life isn’t about leaving you alone. It’s about standing you up. Spray the herbs away today. A sky diver to pass out? It may end your day yet your life will still be in your way. Sodden and dirty you’re not even thirty and you’ve given everything away.

We’re constantly told not to tip up our change to those trying to rearrange their very being. Why? Ask yourself why before you choke on that lie and end up shaking like your last sigh. Give something to get it back

There’s nothing left but helping. Hands in pockets. Tip up. It could be you. It could be me. Close enough to slip away as the rain of debt falls on us. Help isn’t up others. It’s up to all of us. Each and everyone of us.

Happenstance is once. Coincidence is twice. After that you stop being nice. Give what you need and get back what you want. We’re not here to be, we’re all here to do. Open hand and open heart we’re here to be you.


As I lean into you, you smile. You softly smile and breathe. A precious warmth of born. A new day. A new day with so much to say. Deafened by your beauty, I hold your soft hand. I smile. You smile.

As I stroke you you stoke me. A fire so bright it makes me squint. I can still smell your candour, all sweet neat and complete. A purpose of being. Seeing. Doing

I can’t wait til you love me. Til I love you too. Til we melt each other slowly with everything we do.

I can’t wait til I wake up tightly in your arms. Can’t wait to holding your heart and your luscious charms.

I shake my head and shiver. You make me confess, about all that I’ve been, all of my mess. You tire me and desire me as I do myself.

Thank you simply for being yourself.