‘A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet’

2013-08-04 17.13.00

Silence. The great leveller. Hurts & excites in equal measure. Opens doors and traps fingers, all tearfully inept and fearful of a lifetime of daylight. I can’t think of anything worse than being ignored. Well, maybe being buried alive in your own words, but that’s why I carry a pen & paper with me. Turning that silence; that deafening day defining noise into something useful is like being a Craftsman. Sharpen your tool. Sketch out the outline. Plunge in and be patient. Patient that your toil will bring reward. We all toil in different ways. Stonemason, Artist, Mother, Father, tinkling twats sailor spying, and the even little irritants that ruin our day toil. Blood sweat & piss to a man & a woman. Creating with words shows you care. You portray the feelings that are stuck firm in your psyche and try and spill them out somehow. Keeping quiet only exaggerates your hurt, and those you have hurt. Silence is a two way street, maybe a cul de sac at times, but even those little enclaves are multi directional. Let’s you in and out. Short walk to the top and a hop skip and a lump on the way back down. If all you have is silence then all you have is noise. Nothing but opposites attract. Science, romance, birds, bees, knock knees and teeth, classed as pairs to share the load. Although by saying little, you can say too much, if you just keep sharing and daring, you will end your days as you. Simply you. And all the love and lust you miss will be down to you. Be loud when it matters but don’t expect the silence to tell you anything except your name. And it will probably get that wrong………


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