‘A Different Shade of Me’

2013-06-06 14.26.15

Contentment wears itself out at times. All snuggled up broken long days split with whitened delight & walks in the rain. All if’s & no buts. All warmth & broken minutes. Poured myself an early drink that tastes of last night & melody enjoyed. People like me like people like you who like themselves more than they need to. That’s what life is all about. Like it. Like it for it being yours to enjoy or endure. Like it like it’s simply required to like. We don’t owe anybody a reason to be, just a reason to do. To do what we need to. As your life rushes headlong & furtive, you shadow & mimic & copy the faults in order to learn. Mistakes are everywhere. Tripping over them becomes an art form that we become experts in. Steady as we go, we stand upright in closeted delight & we shine. Shine like a massive fucking sun on fire. The bold raging walk through leaves footprints in the day, like on a beach as the tide goes out. Driftwood flotsam folds us in half & the salty stain of tears stains our cheeks as we wipe the fun away.

Have you ever woke yourself up & forgot you’d been asleep? Felt drained & rearranged & somewhat strange? Rummaged in your pocket and found you’d lost your fingers? If you haven’t, then you will. It’s inevitable at some stage. No one can not almost forget themselves. It will happen & when it does, remember the way home. Welcome to yourself. Kicking away the cobwebs & the mornings dirty whiff of sleep, it’s today.

I think I will break myself today. Not beyond repair, just a slight fracture that love can heal. No need for a plaster. Or ointment. Heated resistance pours itself across the wound & seals in the soreness. Picking at scabs & scar tissue bold we smile. We giggle at the moments lost & we make some more. Time shares it’s moaning with itself & we shudder.

I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft……


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