‘First Come First Served’

Cheer up you daft get. It’s Friday & it’s the start of shenanigans. Crisps, bells & 66vodkas. Snuff & giggles. Wrapped up in a tight ball of love lust and fairy dust. Open armed disarmed & blown apart by a smile. A sparklingly dishevelled yet honeyed grin. Light up two cigarettes. We’re darncing.

Cast iron thoughts & simple rhymes delay themselves any lost time to make me sure. Sure enough to be. Sure enough to do. I hope the answers come in dreams. I honestly sleep for that reason alone. I dozed off mid life & you plumped the pillows up.

I am wearing my hair down for possibly the last time.That’s because I’m worth it. This time next week, it will be gone. Trimmed & swept & silently kept.

Kiss me like your life depends on it….


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