‘For Chuck, Thommo & Jack’



Peace. Really? You sleep disturbed. You swim in your own dreams like a broken clockwork frog, all cock eyed circles & soft corners. Like Stevie Wonder in a blunt braille maze.

Peace. Honestly? If you had the answers you needed to really ‘unfuzz’ your day, don’t you think you wouldn’t have to rely on someone miles away to reassure you that you were correct and proper in your choices?

Peace. Truthfully? He who cannot see is ultimately more blind than he who cannot hear. Add to that the inability to even open your mouth to discuss even the slightest of problems creates more problems. Shout, because you have failed miserably whispering.

Peace. A self fulfilling prophecy. However ‘large’ you consider you to be, there will always be someone bigger & smarter & cleverer and probably quicker than you. Speed lends an essence to your drudgery.


Be you. Discuss you. Compare you to you. See you. Hear you. Do you. For your own soggy benefit, be just that which makes you. YOU.


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