‘How Now is Soon?’

2013-08-02 12.23.17-1

How many times did you have to ask? You only ended up with the same answer each and every time. Same words, either empty and threatened or threatening to be empty. Change the pissing record. For the sake of your own sanity, bury the boots deep alongside the mornings shimmer & that silly little shitty smile you dare to wear. That smile that wears you like it owns you. Twinkle twinkle little scar, how I wonder how you are all you are and got this far. Got lost on the way with your own directions, a life of denial & a limp erection. An excuse forged in the heat of the rain, a forlorn reminder of that time again, the time you lost and can’t ever get back. I’ve never lied. Never had too. I’ve left that down to someone else to do. For someone else to get back. Permanent. Insipid & yet delightfully fluid in it’s worn excuses. Warm & flooded & hand held tickles. How now is soon? Today sheds it’s skin & welcomes tomorrow like a long lost idea, tucked away in that corner of your head, next to the reminder you left yourself to apologise about being a dick. That apology you forgot to share.

You go home, you cry & you want to lie. That really is your own fault.


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