‘I Don’t Lie Often but, When I do, I Lie Very Well’


Today has written itself. Subject matter, purpose, direction, excuses. All battened down hatches & devilment. Missing the point isn’t an option today. Or any day for that matter. I couldn’t do without most things. Life carries itself along on a wispy hollow breath that hums its own tune. Heartbeat rhythm and vowels entwined. All answers are obvious & cling to the morning like new born twins seeking milk. Desire & loss share the same bed, all sweaty & gregarious & sodden with tears.

I hurt. I suffer as we all do. Life wouldn’t be life without the pain. Loss. Lust. Memory. The main thing to remember is to remember. Just that. Recall the best of times that have become the worst of times & they will get better somewhere along the way. Time isn’t a great healer. It allows your memories to fade & wain, but it never heals. Your wounds are there to wear without whatever flourish your dandified fashion allows, so stand proud & soft. Gentle is the dusk that shadows your life. Embrace that fact,  as it corners you in an empty room & pokes you in the eye.

Today, all that matters is us. Us as human beings. Us as ourselves. As individuals. We are all alone on this third stone from the Sun. It is therefore essential to surround ourselves in that soggy fog of love. Share the soft sweet delight that trickles from our desire in whatever way it manifests itself. A word. A thought. A deed. A goal.

Wake up surrounded by yourself. Find your feet. Firmly denied & never tried, a newness of time sublime. Mine. I am all mine. Yet I have enough to share. And enough to care. And if you wish to join in, then feel free. You are you as I am me as we are all together.

I don’t lie very often, if at all…


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