‘Kings & Clowns’


Daylight tickles us under the morning & we spread our arms to welcome it. Proper silly soaked in wasser, stupid dolly daggers.

We don’t need no stinking glasses. Bird cage pastry dribbles delight. Alright, not that bright. 10 watt bulbous head she said, box of frogs mad as toast insult the host. Butterflies. Butter fucking flies.

Complain about the stain as you take the strain. Deny the answers you have in reserve & answered back in the way you’ve deserved. Solomon is mine. I don’t mind as long as you don’t.

Caution. Never thrown towards any wind I know of. Gasping hot air bricks & mortar. Pass that round, drink more water.

Ignorant dusty disease. Time to go, time to leave. Serve me another portion of your love & I will smile as I rummage in the dressing up box for my limp smile & my cape.

Hope. Capable yet clinging. Hands wringing. Voice cracking & a wibble of the bottom lip. Sparkles. Eyeless & gifted. Dark creased yet silky smooth & balanced.

Please don’t ignore yourself. One day you may just forget who you are. I will bring my own popcorn…….


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