Don’t expect the answers to be perfect. We draw lines all over our day yet we struggle to adhere to those boundaries that we put in place for ourselves. & we forever question our own opinion on that subject. Why should today be any different to tomorrow?

From yesterday, we should have at least learnt that that slow distant hum is our future. Our reason to be, our purpose. & in whatever way that presents itself, it is ultimately up to us to accept that as read. Nothing explains us more than our future. The past damply wafts its hands across our lives, but the future beckons with a gloved claw like insistence that belies it’s intent. All memories are made from the thoughts & deeds displayed. The mistakes denied and the mistakes twice made.

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me. Sparkled & spitting & all I needed to be. I chose that. I accepted that with a violent enough intent that it made my eyes bloodshot. Tickled veins and cockeyed runny nose. Distantly perfect yet a coming together of minds. A perfection that only yesterday could provide enough proof of in order to say all the words that could be poured out & read. Despite the shadows, the light poured out. Brightly tender yet hidden like dark intent, all yellowy cornered legend.

Smile. All I do is smile. Perfect under a gritted grimace & a furrowed brow. My frown lines look ordnance survey compared to the reapplied beauty & the honestness of the words I write. Don’t allow morning to disrupt your day. Wake up hard and fast and remain that way. That’s life. And that’s your life. Yours to live & yours to love.

I draw no lines because I am that line……..


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